No Airboats

Everglades Boat Tours operates directly in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. All our experiences are based on fun and ethical experiential outdoor education. In fact, we are only the second tour operator certified by the Florida Society for Ethical EcoTourism. Our most common and popular experiences last about a half of a day. All tours are conducted by professional educators and Florida Master Naturalists and it is our intent that you thoroughly enjoy your experience, but also learn and come away with a greater understanding of the this very special place.

While the airboat is a "neat" piece of equipment, it is NOT a mechanism for ecotourism and education. Most rides last 45-50 minutes and are designed for thrills and screams. They are loud and require hearing protection and are simply too loud for anyone to hear an interpretive guide. As well, their noise has an big impact on the wildlife. So much so that airboats are NOT ALLOWED in Everglades National Park where we operate.